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Clematis virginiana . . Virgin's Bower
. . vine-12 to 20 ft. . . Sun to lt. shade
. . Zones 4 to 8 . . Avg. soil . . L. Summer to E. Fall
Billowing white flowers cover the vine in late summer. Dense, bright green foliage. The feathery seed clusters also have ornamental value in the fall.
A good cover for fences or an ugly shrub.
#1148 . . Quart pot

Dioscorea villosa . . Wild Yam
. . Twining vine to 9 ft. . . Sun to mod. shade
. . Zones 4? to 8 . . Avg. soil . . L. Spring
Attractive dark green foliage. The twining stem arises from a curious whorl of heart shaped leaves. Papery, triangular seed pods are of interest in fall.
Wild Yam was frequently mentioned by William Bartram in his "Travels". A relative of the tropical "yams" grown as food crops.
Some tropical species of the genus have found modern herbal usage as a source of phytoestrogen.
#1149 . . Quart pot

Parthenocissus quinquifolia . . Virginia Creeper
. . Woody vine to 50 ft. . . Sun to full shade
. . Zones 4 to 9 . . Avg. to poor soil . . L. Spring to E. Summer
Palmate leaves are deep green in summer and provide excellent crimson fall color. The clinging or creeping vine is limited in growth only by the size of what it is allowed to climb.
The leaflets are arranged in fives, causing many people to confuse it with Poison Ivy. An excellent low maintenance cover for walls, fences, poles, old cars, buildings, etc.
#1151 . . Quart pot

Wisteria frutescens . . American Wisteria
. . To 30 ft., climbing . . Sun to lt. shade
. . Zone 5 to 9 . . Avg. soil . . Late Spring
Blue flowers which are lightly fragrant. It blooms about 3 to 4 weeks later than the Asian types. Seed grown Native.
#1411 . . Gallon container

Wisteria frutescens . . American Wisteria "Amethyst Falls"
. . To 30 ft., climbing . . Sun to lt. shade
. . Zone 5 to 9 . . Avg. soil . . L. Spring to E. Summer
Native Selection
Intense blue flowers which are lightly fragrant. It will flower repeatedly throughout summer. It blooms about 3 to 4 weeks later than the Asian types, allowing it to flower after threat of frost. A selection of the native American wisteria originally found in upstate South Carolina.
It will flower the first year from cuttings. Since it flowers on new growth, it also blooms heavily when pruned during the dormant months. Well-behaved, it grows at only one-third the rate of the rampant Asian species.
#2010 . . Gallon container

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