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Perennials for Shade

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We have many uncommon or native plants that can take varying amounts of shade. The sedge, Carex plantaginea, is highly recommended - easy to grow and versatile. Very dense shade (under pine trees where no grass or weeds grow) is very difficult - the listed plants probably won't grow there either. Not all plants are available every season.

Asarum canadense
Wild Ginger
Aster macrophyllus
Large Leaf Aster
Carex plantaginea
Plantain Leaved Sedge
Convallaria majalis
Lily Of The Valley
Cymbalaria muralis
Kenilworth Ivy
Erigeron pulchellus
Robin's Plantain
Galium odoratum
Sweet Woodruff
Glechoma hederacea
Ground ivy
Iris cristata
Crested Dwarf Iris
Lobelia siphilitica
Great Blue Lobelia
Mazus reptans
Creeping Mazus
Parthenocissus inserta
Western Creeper
Parthenocissus quinquifolia
Virginia Creeper
Polygonatum biflorum
Solomon's Seal
Tiarella cordifolia
Foam Flower
Tricyrtis hirta
Toad Lily
Uvularia species
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